Soul Retrieval Stories

The following, are stories, of what is referred to as “Afterlife Soul Retrievals”. They are stories of rescued souls that have become stuck in the afterlife somewhere along the path in the death process due to various reasons. It appears that when we pass and transition from this life into the next, that certain, strong beliefs that we create in the physical world before we die may actually lock us in these beliefs after death.

There seem to be four basic groups of stuck souls.

1) Souls That Refuse To Transition. These are souls that have passed, and though they know they are dead, they refuse to leave the Earth’s physical energy, either because of severe addictions, attachments or perceived unfinished business. These souls commonly make up the group known as poltergeists or demons.

2) Souls That Do Not Know They have Passed. This group is made up of those that have passed, but do not know they are dead. These cases are typically those that have died suddenly, usually in accidents. They may also be individuals that have had such a strong belief at the end of their life, that they are closed off to the fact they have transitioned. This could be caused by severe pain, anger hatred or even love. These souls often materialize as apparitions of some sort.

3) Souls Stuck In A Self-imposed Belief. The Souls of this group, are those that have died and have had a belief system instilled in them, that even though wrong, is so engrained in them, that they can not except anything other than what they have been told or believe. These people remarkably, are in a place that looks exactly like what they expected, and has exactly those experiences they anticipated. Whether heaven or hell, they are closed off to going anywhere other than where they believed they were to go. These may be members of cults or strict fundamentalist religions that have unforgiving doctrines of rewards and punishments.

4) Lost Souls. This group of deceased souls seem to just be lost. They know they are not where they are supposed to be, nor do they know how to get there. These are typically ghosts who are confused and attached to worldly physical objects or people.

Many people ask why are soul retrievals necessary? Why can’t supreme beings or “the source of all that is” simply assist in the process? It seems that we as physical beings are capable of a certain amount of free choice, and that free choice allows us to choose our beliefs. If we choose beliefs that are fantasy, then they seem to become real to us, and that includes the death process. If we choose to spend eternity in a hell of our own creation then that is where we will go by our own choice. It not until we choose otherwise, that we will continue on to the ultimate destination. Helpers will often appear to offer choices or guidance, but since the soul is stuck in an Earth energy belief, other, higher energies are most likely not seen. Therefore the Helpers look for those still of physical Earth matter to help get the attention of those who are stuck.

As you read the stories you will see the use of the word Helper to describe higher beings. This is simply a non-religious term that refers to entities that may also be called, Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, or Saints. You will also see a reference to The Park or Garden. The Park is a peaceful, serene area that souls are taken to immediately after they fully transition that actually resembles a grand park. Here they may meet loved ones or images of loved ones, pets, or any number of beings that they would expect to see, that would be beneficial in helping them to become comfortable in their new surroundings.

It is very rare that a Retriever can pick his target Soul. It is usually up to the Helpers, to take them to a Soul that is similar to the Retrievers energy and that is not above his capabilities to retrieve. Even when the Helper’s presence is not felt or noticed, they are most likely still there in the background guiding and overseeing the process.

There may also be a certain amount of "interpreter overlay" in the descriptions of what the retriever experiences. Though the basic facts of the experience are accurate, the retrievers mind may overlay his perception to the vision he/she is receiving. For example, the target may have died in a log cabin in the woods, but the retriever may never have seen a log cabin and they interpret that to be a wood sided cottage on a lake, because that is what they have an experience with.

A Retriever’s work is one of service to the greater good of all, and is not entered into lightly by those who have committed their time, to such higher endeavors. That is not to say the work is without personal reward. Working amongst the Angelic realms creates an embracing feeling of loving energy that cannot be duplicated anywhere on the physical planet. The Retriever also is able to explore the afterlife and get answers to some of the souls most intricate questions. Though Soul Retrievers will often acquire information about the deceased person in order to verify the authenticity of the retrieval, it is not used as a form of mediumship or as a means to receive messages from the other side.

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Steve D

This particular retrieval is unusual in the fact that it was performed, without a Helper and without setting as intent. In fact, I was in a meditation with another intent all together. While in a meditative state and while having a vision along the lines of my stated intent at the time, I was interrupted and taken to another vision all together.

I found myself standing in front of a women, who though I did not recognize, I was immediately made aware of her identity. She happened to be the older sister, of a friend of mine named Karen, who I only casually met once before, several years earlier. I had heard that almost two months previous, Karen had developed bacterial meningitis while on vacation, had slipped into a coma and was still in that state at the time of my meditation.

I became excited as soon as I saw her, and though I had not had any training or performed any retrievals at that time I had read several books on the subject, so I felt it was possible to communicate with and actually help her recovery. I immediately wanted to tell her that she did not belong on the other side, and needed to come back to her physical body. I seemed to have been halted in mid-thought, and felt or was told that I could not make that broad statement, because it was not my decision to decide where she belonged or not. Only by her free will, could she make that decision.

So, I simply made her aware of the fact, that she had a physical body in another place, and that there were many people in that other place, that loved her and would miss her, if she chose to stay where she was. I also told her that she needed to make a decision. She could not remain in both places. She had to choose between the place she was in now or return to the place and the life she came from.

There was a bit of confusion on Karen’s part, as she was not aware that there was any other aspect of herself including the physical part. She thought that where she was, was the only place she could be. I could see (or feel) by her expression that, what I told her, was beginning to register as true, and she started to rapidly fade as I began returning to my previous meditation. I knew I needed some proof for myself to verify the entire contact with Karen was real, so I quickly concentrated my attention back on her, and projected the thought, that I needed some kind of evidence.

I had barely finished the thought and I was shown her bare feet with a meticulous pedicure and what I thought at the time was a toe ring with some sort of insect on it, possibly a butterfly or ladybug. I tried to get further information, as I thought it would be uncomfortable, to have to ask my friend about her sisters feet, but she faded as quickly as she appeared and I was back in my meditation exactly where I left off.

When checking in with my friend the following day, she excitedly told me she had received wonderful news from her brother in-law, that her sister, without explanation, had come out of her coma the previous evening. As I asked her about her sisters condition, I was able to awkwardly bring up the subject of a possible pedicure, that her sister may have had, and any foot jewelry. She seemed puzzled by the question but gave confirmation on both counts. The last thing her sister had done, the day she was rushed to the hospital emergency room, was have a pedicure, and though she did not have any toe rings, she does have a cluster of moles on her toe that looks like a butterfly. Karen has since recovered fully but continues to have no recollection of anything while in the coma.

Steve D

I was approached by a helper who appeared to be Peruvian, in that he was dark skinned, short, and had a bowl style haircut, with very black hair. He was wearing a white cotton tunic over white cotton calve length pants. I was first led into a kitchen, by a small child playing with the stove, and as I looked at the Helper to ask what I was seeing, I thought to myself, I hope I don’t see that child caught in an explosion or burned.

I then immediately found myself in a different scenario, under water, walking along the bottom of the ocean, at a depth of what appeared to be 40-50 feet. I looked to my right and there was a women who was slightly in front of me and to the left. She appeared to be dressed in street type clothing, a long sleeve white blouse and mid-calf length tightish pants. She seemed to have some sort of bricks or stones tied around her waste, with a very coarse and broken piece of rope trailing behind her. She had a two foot long, small rake in her right hand and some sort of long knife, about 12 inches long, with japanese letters on the handle, tucked in the rope around her waist. I was told she was an oyster diver in Japan off a small island slightly south and east of the mainland called something like Orikino.
The women had been pearl diving in the year 1936, using a new technique of the day. She was free breathing through a hose attached to a compressor in a boat above. She was also attached to a rope, that was used to pull her up when she signaled. The hose that was tucked in and through the rope at her waste had become dislodged and floated away from her reach. She tried to swim to the surface but the weights around her waste prevented that. She then used her knife to cut loose the weights but instead cut loose her lifeline to the boat above and drowned in the panic.
I approached her dressed as another pearl diver and I pointed up letting her know we should surface. The weights around her waist simply disappeared and we surfaced without effort. When we broke the surface of the water the Helper was in a row boat, she took on a look of relief and her energy immediately calmed. The Helper assisted her getting into the boat and as he began to row, the scene faded. I was told her name was Onishi Kurikama and was born Jan 3, 1915 and died at the age of 21.

Cathy D

This retrieval took place in less than ten minutes while waiting to pick up my daughter at school. It happened spontaneously and without solicitation. 

A Helper appeared, who looked to be South American Indian.  She guided me to a retrieval, but I had difficulty seeing anything at first, so I just imagined an empty room.  The room appeared quickly and was barren except for a single chair in the center of the floor.  I asked where this was, and I was suddenly taken to a gallows, where several people at a time, were being hung in front of a cheering and jeering crowd.  I then went to a room, where they would place the bodies, that were just hung and needed to be disposed of later.  There was a pile of a half dozen or so, and a man pacing the floor, back and forth.  He thought he was waiting for his turn to be hanged, when actually, he'd already been hung.  I appeared to him in clothes of the time period.  (I didn't ask when, but it looked something like 17th or 18th century England)  He asked what I was doing there, and I handed him a letter from "the authorities". (I almost said governor, but then thought that I didn't know who gave pardons back then.)  I told him that he'd been given a last minute pardon, and that he should go with the guard outside the door, and they would take him to where he needed to go, to be freed.  The guard outside the door was actually the Helper.  I accompanied them to the garden where his parents greeted him.

I left them in the Garden and decided to explore in the time I had left. So I asked to be taken to the “Recuperation and Education Centers”. It is very difficult to describe what I saw, but I will try to convey my general feelings.  The Recuperation Center was filled with souls floating in layers upon layers of pure unconditional love.  The Education Center looked like a giant college auditorium with one person at a podium on stage and hundreds in the ascending rows of seats.   I "knew" that this was just my interpreter overlay, because my physical mind wouldn't know how else to describe it.

Steve D

This retrieval started out with a Helper whose presence, I could sense but could not see. As I envisioned walking through the door to my sacred space, during a chakra meditation, I unintentionally, found myself on the cobblestone streets of London in the year 1843. A carriage passed along behind me as I found myself looking down an alleyway. There was a woman dressed in a light colored dress or nightgown, pacing back and forth in front of the alley, looking very confused and afraid. I was dressed as an English Gentleman complete with top hat and white gloves, and approached her in a very proper and polite manner. I had told her proper lady should not be traveling the streets so late at night without escort. I introduced myself and asked for her name. She told me her name was Mary Beth or Mary Ann Neville or possibly Newton. I offered her an escort home and though she seemed very nervous and frightened at first, often looking back and forth, she seemed to be more afraid of her surroundings than of me, and gratefully accepted my offer. As we began to walk and she became more comfortable with my presence, I pointed out that it was becoming quite chilly out, and offered her a ride in a passing carriage, that I told her belonged to me. The Helper showed up as the carriage driver and I told Mary that his name was James, and he had been in my employ for quite some time, and was very trustworthy. When she looked up at him and made eye contact with the Helper, the scene faded from my awareness as she was escorted away.

Steve D

I was taken to a little girl who appeared to be about 3 or 4 years old. She had shoulder length curly hair and was wearing a cute little Shirley Temple style dress. I barely noticed behind her a tall, dark shadowy figure that was approximately 10 feet away, but ignored it. When I asked her what she was doing there, she just said she wanted to play. I told her that, if she wanted to, I had some friends that would love to take her to a playground where there were lots of children to play with. When I asked her if she would like to go she said yes. The Helpers came in and led her off.

What happened next is a bit peculiar. The Shadow man had moved behind me and slowly started to push his way into the center of my back. It felt as if someone was taking a broom handle and slowly pushing it between my shoulder blades. I felt as if something was clinging to me that I could not shake off. Over a period of half an hour it slowly penetrated deep into my back, and gave me a “dirty sick to my stomach” feeling. It took me about a week and the help from several energy workers and mediums to remove this thing from my aura.

When I rescued the girl, the shadow figure that was attached to her had no place to go but to me. I learned to look around better before performing a retrieval, and that there is a priority to them. I should have paid better attention to the shadow figure, and perceived he was attached to the little girl and then retrieved him first.

Steve D

During a group retrieval session, I found myself walking down a rural 2 lane asphalt road late at night. It was a desolate intersection with a blinking yellow light and surrounded by mature crops on all four corners. An eerie fog blanketed the area, and caused the entire scene to take on the blinking amber glow as the intersection light blinked on and off. The northeast corner was planted in swaying stems of wheat and the other fields were planted in corn. As I approached the crossroads I saw a young man 21 years old trying to lift a dirt bike style motorcycle out of a ditch. He seemed confused as to why he was unable to lift it and asked me to give him a hand. I said I would, and asked him what had happened. He said a truck ran through the stop sign, and when he swerved to miss it, he ended up in the ditch. The truck driver kept going.

As I looked past the motorcycle I saw this young man’s physical body lying out in the field, about 50 feet beyond the motorcycle. I realized then, that he was not aware of the fact, that he had died in the accident. I told him that before I helped him lift the motorcycle out of the ditch, we should check on the “other” person who appeared to be injured. He said there was no other person involved, and that he was the only one on the bike. I pointed out into the field where the body was lying and he seemed to become a bit confused. I suggested we go and see if we could help, and he agreed to walk over with me.

As soon as he looked down at the body, in a gasp of recognition, he began to say something, but couldn’t get the words out. I explained it was indeed him and that he had perished in the accident. I asked him if he would like to be taken to a place where there were people he knew and loved that would explain everything to him. He nodded his head, so I reached out and took his hand. As we began to lift up off the ground he very slowly just faded away. When I asked for his name the answer came to me from who I believe was the Helper. He told me his name was Billy Warner or possibly Warren He was born in 1972 and died in 1993 outside Canton Ohio.

Susan R

I'm excited to share my first "ever" soul retrieval experience, lets say that I'm aware of, in a physical sense. Who knows, I may have been doing this all along.
My experience started off in a dark place. I had a sense of knowing that I was not alone.  I was guided by a helper, who I could not see but knew was there.  I was in a small living space that had a room divider, that was a half wall with the top part being see-through wooden spindles.  It appeared to be like a hallway into a TV room.  I had a sense that an older man was sitting in a recliner type chair watching a"black & white" TV. It appeared to be a comedy show. I immediately thought of the "I Love Lucy" show. 

He wore a white T-shirt and pajama bottoms.  He had grayish hair and appeared to have been eating while watching TV.  I had a sense that he had choked on something he was eating.  As I walked into the room I said, "Oh, I love this show. It is so funny. May I sit here and watch it with you”.  He didn't respond, so I sat down anyway.  I said, “I have a friend that really likes this show too. It is her favorite. Can I have her come and watch with us?” 

He just looked at me, and didn't respond, but I sensed it was OK.  I invited my friend in, who was the Helper. He looked at her and made eye contact.  The next thing I saw was, they both started moving towards an area that felt like a cloud with warm golden orange and yellow colors in it. I felt love and protection while in the cloud of colors. That is all I can recollect.  I didn't get a name or age, but felt it to be in the time period of the 1950s and 1960s. 

Steve D

I had a Helper appear to me after another retrieval attempt and took me to a scene of a man buried under heavy wreckage. He was barely visible with only a small portion of his face showing from under heavy wooden timbers and dense foliage. He seemed very surprised that I was able to find him. As a matter of fact, he became stuck in this belief because of his overwhelming feeling that he would never be found, because of where he was. He kept repeating that he could not believe I had found him.

He was dressed in a blue denim jacket with a leather collar and a plaid shirt. I asked him his name and he told me Michael Laughton and he was 46 years old and the year was 1958. The place I found him in was Plainfield, Kentucky, though I do not know if that is where he lives as well. He kept repeating that I had to let his wife Belinda and his two sons, know where he was, and that he was OK. He insisted that I promised him I would do that.

He had gone out hunting in his blue pickup truck, which required him to cross a ravine in the woods. There was an old timber railroad trestle that had been abandoned long ago, which he often used to get across. All the track leading up to it had been removed and the forest obscured most of the old railroad bed. This time as he attempted to cross the bridge the timbers gave way and he plummeted to the bottom of the ravine with the bridge timbers and much of the surrounding branches and vines falling on top of him.

I told him I had brought some help that would be able to get him out. There were several Helpers that showed up though many of them seemed to be just thought forms filling in the picture with needed workers. As we pulled him out I told him that this gentleman would help him to safety. The gentleman I directed him towards was the Helper. The man leaned on his shoulder and they began to walk out of the forest. They came to a large clearing that turned out to be the park. He seemed very disoriented since he was many miles into the forest and knew he had never seen a park there before, but now, just a dozen or so yards away from his hunting spot, they happened upon a city park.

Once in the park, sitting on a wooden park bench along the walk was a women wearing a small white, hat a blue and white dress and white gloves and was knitting. I actually, chuckled because it seemed so staged. He immediately recognized this women as his deceased mother Marri, and in a half questioning tone said, Mom? It was then that the scene faded from me.

I came to know that his name was Michael Laughton, he was wearing a blue denim jacket with a leather collar, and his accident occurred in Plainfield, Kentucky, in the year 1958. He was very concerned about his wife and two sons. He wanted to make sure someone contacted them to let them know where he was and that he was OK (he still seemed concerned that no one would know where he was).

Steve D

I went to bed with the intention of doing a soul retrieval before I fell asleep. I drifted off but awoke to a vision of a WWII dogfight scene. This was happening over the water but along the shore line of what I felt was a Pacific island. I was first watching from behind a gun emplacement on a pier or possibly a boat tied up to the pier. The gunner was shooting at the plane or planes. There appeared to be one plane against 3-5 opposing planes.

As I got my bearings and realized what was going on. My awareness shifted to the single pilot, and I immediately was made aware through his thoughts that he was being fired on by his own forces and had already lost his wing man who was a close friend, as they were flying in from another base. He was unable to communicate on the radio for some unknown reason but was aware that these were his own planes.

He had become enraged by the mistake and was determined to shoot down everyone of the opposing aircraft regardless of them being friendlies. I became confused by the number of players present and could not determine who was the subject of the rescue. As I tried to analyze the events the scene quickly faded. I felt as if I had failed and tried to return but could not.

Steve D

During an attempt to perform another soul retrieval, I unconsciously, ended up back at the WWII Dogfight retrieval scenario. I was immediately at the cockpit of the lone pilot and now realized he was my retrieval target. I first tried to appear to him as his friend that was just shot down, but could not get his attention and believed that he just thought that it was his imagination. I then thought I could speak to him on the radio as a way of playing into his reality, but that failed to get his attention as well. I sensed that he believed the radio to be off, so in his reality it was. It seemed that he was so caught up in the intensity and anger of the moment, that nothing could draw his attention away from shooting down the other planes. Retrieval attempt number two, also was a failure.

Steve D

After the two previous, failed attempts (see above) at retrieving a pilot from a World War II Pacific dogfight scenario, I was determined to go in and get him this time without fail. I armed myself with a new technique, I had not yet tried. I would go in, and rather than try to smoothly fit into the scene created by the deceased’s belief system, I would do something so extraordinary and set up a diversion so unique, that I could not help but to get his attention.

With this, I entered into my meditative state and set up my intentions to perform this retrieval once again, and very shortly made contact with a Helper named Jeremy. Jeremy wore a long white robe, had long brown hair and a beard. I was thinking that the “Jesus look” was a little over the top. I looked at him and smiled with a small chuckle and just said, “Really”? Jeremy smiled back and just said, “A lot of us on this side, like to go with this look” and laughed. He told me not to be so serious with the retrieval and to just have some fun with it. There are no failures or wrong ways to do them.

As I came upon the pilot again I came to know his name was Charles Danforth and that he held the rank of Captain. I saw him in the same scene, intently at the controls of his plane trying to avoid the other planes that significantly outnumbered him. On this retrieval attempt I decided to stop the progression of time, and froze his plane as if suspended by a string in mid air. As he sat there in shock and disbelief, I parachuted down onto the right side wing of his plane. I very casually released the chute and walked up to the cockpit canopy and knocked on the glass. His reaction was priceless, and it made me half laugh and smile (Jeremy told me to have some fun with it and I intended to). I signaled for him to open the canopy and I addressed him by name and said, “Captain Danforth, Open up, I have an urgent message from the CO (Commanding Officer)”. He very slowly and somewhat hesitantly opened the canopy, and I handed him a very official looking envelope. Still in a state of disbelief not quite sure that he was actually holding anything, he opened the envelope and read the message. It simply read, YOU’VE BEEN KILLED. RETURN TO BASE. He turned his head to me, and I nodded, affirming the message was true. The expression on his face alluded to the disbelief that he was actually dead. I told him to look at the condition of his shot up plane, and also pointed to a fairly large hole in his chest.

As he began to register what had happened, the Helper, Jeremy parachuted down on the left side wing, and as he released his chute, he walked up to the other side of the cockpit and extended his hand. I told Captain Danforth that this gentleman would escort him to his new squadron where his wingman who I instantly knew was Captain Barney Dunn would be waiting for him. He let Jeremy help him out of his seat though he seemed to float out easily. They walked to the end of the wing where a white marble looking staircase now appeared. As they began walking up the stairs I scurried after them to follow them to the park, but the staircase disappeared behind them and they faded into the clouds.

Besides learning the pilot’s name I also learned that he died in 1943 in an area around the Truk Islands and he flew a single seat plane called the “Warhawk”.

Steve D

Using Hemy-Sync audio guidance as a meditation tool, I entered into a meditative trance state, with the intention of performing a retrieval. I invited the assistance of a Helper, and though I did not outwardly see one I did not feel I was alone. Very shortly after reaching ground zero, I immediately and for several minutes was focused on a metallic gold and silver screeching eagle figure with talons extended, hammered out in relief on a shinny suit of armor. I thought for sure I would be seeing a medieval battle, with some sort of bloody war wound. But, as I focused my attention outward, I saw I was looking at the left shoulder piece, of an empty suit of armor on display in a grand hall.

This grand hall was surrounded by a balcony on three sides, that granted access to upper rooms. I was facing a large stone fireplace with a very wide set of stairs to my right. The room was adorned with heavy tapestries, carpets, armor, and heavy oak furnishings. There was a very large, silken coat of arms hanging over the fireplace, with two pikes crossed over top. As I placed my intention on determining who I was there for, I picked up clearly and most definitely, the name Sir Henry along with the year 1574. As I tried to determine where I was I heard, the lake. I interpreted that to Sir Henry of the Lake, but then very clearly heard Lochmoor. I started to empathically pick up on an emotion of great sadness, the kind that is bridled with a great love. This sadness seemed to be attached to the name Lady Elaine

As soon as I began to question the whereabouts of Sir Henry, my focus was taken to a bed chamber, that was above and behind my point of view. I found myself back in the year 1574, bedside of Sir Henry who appeared very sick and dying of fever, along with Lady Elaine. I was not visible to either of them and believe I was just being shown how he became in need of retrieval. I had the feeling he had been sick in bed for many days if not weeks. There was a great feeling of love between him and Lady Elaine. She kept making him promise and repeat that he would not leave her. He just kept repeating, “I’ll never leave your side”. I believe this act caused him to become stuck in his death scene. His repeating over and over that he would not leave her, caused him to believe he was bound to stay in the physical world, and therefore could not recognize or accept the moment his physical body died.

After being shown the cause of situation I was then alone with Sir Henry in his belief scene. I came to him dressed as a healer of the time, wearing a long dark red robe and a sort of long skull cap that covered most of my head. Sir Henry opened his eyes, and looked at me and seemed to either recognize whatever form I appeared to him as or the fact that I looked like a Doctor. I looked at him and said, “Sir Henry, I am sorry, but there was nothing else we could do. You died last night in your sleep”. He became slightly agitated and said, that could not be. He had promised he would never leave Lady Elaine. I explained, that she had long ago left, and he was there completely alone. I urged him to come and see for himself. I took him by the hand, and as he effortlessly rose from the bed I led him from the room. I opened the oaken chamber door and we stepped onto the hallway balcony, overlooking the grand hall.

This time the vision of the surroundings was not vividly clear, as when I first arrived. Except for a radius of about ten feet everything was in a wash of hazy white light. We turned to the right, and leading from the corner of the balcony, was a narrow stone arch, leading to spiral stairs also of stone. I led him upwards to a roof top parapet, thinking that was the way we needed to go (old beliefs die hard). As we reached the top I asked Sir Henry if he was ready. As if he knew what I meant, he just looked at me an nodded. We very quickly floated upward and away, though there was no feeling of speed or acceleration. I am not so sure that the scene didn’t float away from us, rather than visa versa.

Somewhere in route, our flying through the air just changed into walking down a royal garden path. Ahead of us stepping out of the light was Lady Elaine, dressed in a deep blue, velvety dress with a repeating gold pattern, complete with a white frilly bodice. Her long wavy hair was hanging loose , draped over one shoulder. She was surrounded by a glow of white light and exuded a feeling of beauty and love.

I could tell that Sir henry had released his grip as he seemed to melt from her gaze. He slowly walked down the path toward her and gently faded from my awareness.

Cathy D.

After entering into a meditation with the intent of a retrieval I was made aware of the presence of a male guide whose name or description I do not recall. I was taken by the guide along a very narrow and winding road that dropped of into a swampy area on both sides. As we walked down the empty road, I didn’t recognize the surroundings in anyway, so I asked where I was. I was told I was outside of Monroe, Louisiana. As we walked down the road a little further, I saw an older man at a campsite just a little ways in off the road on a dry piece of ground. I found myself dressed in a flannel shirt and khaki pants and resembling a camper or hiker of the area, complete with a backpack and walking stick. I walked up to the man, introduced myself, and asked if he wouldn’t mind sharing a cup of his coffee that he had warming next to a small ground fire. He didn’t look surprised or startled to see me, and barely looked up as he said that it wasn’t really coffee so much as watered down “crap”. I sat on a fallen tree next to him, as he poured me a cup from the blackened pot. I sat there with the mug up against my lips, quietly sipping while I tried to figure out what to do next.

As the silence seemed to become awkward I asked him his name, but instead of giving me an answer, he began sexual advances towards me. If I had known better I would have come to him as a male instead. I turned away his advances and told him that he had mistaken my kindness for something else. He just replied, “Well, honey, then you’re just wasting my time.”

I then had a vision of his cause of death. I saw his liver, black and diseased with holes in it, and “knew” that he had died of cirrhosis. It seems he was a homeless, transient that had been living in the woods for some years, a product of his alchoholism.

My Helper then appeared at the edge of the campsite, as my hiking companion. He was a very pretty girl in her twenties with long, dark hair, and looking quite attractive. I then immediately knew what the Helper had in mind. I told the old man that while I wasn’t interested in having a sexual encounter with him, that my friend over there, was always looking for a little romance.
At first he seemed a little suspicious at the sudden appearance of my friend, but finally agreed to walk with me over to her. As we neared the Helper we all began to raise up off the ground together, but he suddenly bounced back, to where he had been sitting by his campfire. I casually walked back to get him as if everything was still okay. As if suspicious of his good fortune, he told me that he didn’t trust us, and that he thought we were going to rob him or worse. He drew out a large hunting knife and pointed it at me as if telling me to keep my distance. I told him that we were just two women hiking in the woods and had no intentions of robbing or killing him and if he wasn’t interested in our company or my friends affections then we would go make our own camp. He stood up and walked back towards the Helper with me cautiously, still holding the knife in his hand just in case. Once again as we neared the Helper we all rose off the ground together as the background created by his belief system faded away. As the Garden began to appear I could see loved ones waiting for him. As he approached a women I assume to be his mother, I returned back to my physical body.

Susan R.

I was approached by a Helper who I neither saw nor heard, but was able to perceive his presence and understand his words. He was dressed as a monk from the middle ages, with a rust colored floor length robe, leather sandals, rosary around the neck, and dark hair in a tonsure style cut, with a shaven monastic crown.

He took me to a dense pine forest overlooking a lake slightly below us. There was a man present, just standing there wearing heavy wool pants and worn boots, with a large double bladed axe in his hand. I sensed his name was James and the year was 1918 somewhere in the Northern states. I also sensed a large muscular looking, gray, draft horse with a harness on standing close by.

The man seemed to be staring in a daze off toward the lake, and I sensed he lived nearby, in the direction he was gazing. My presence shocked him out of his stupor as he seemed not to expect a woman out in the woods. He told me that a women shouldn’t be out in the forest roaming around.

I knew from my Helper that this man had died while felling a tree by himself. In the process of performing some sort of lifting, involving the horse, and some pulleys and rope, a large portion of the tree fell on him. He died where he fell, and I am not sure why he did not transition on. Because of the way he was looking out over the lake, I believe he felt he had to get home and this may have kept him in his death scene.

I asked him if he would like to see his wife and he nodded and said yes. At that time, the Helper appeared for James to see. I told him that this man would take him to his wife whose name I knew was Mary. As the Helper approached, an archway with double doors appeared. As they both walked towards the doors, they opened and they disappeared into a blinding white light. I chose not to follow and shortly after I returned to a conscious state.

Steve D

During the previous Soul Retrieval, I had whirled in and out of several other retrieval scenarios, with just a glimpse of them for a second or two, before settling in on Sir Henry. I remembered, that this multiple preview scenario, had also happened to my mentor, Bruce Moen, early in his retrieval career. He simply made note of each scene and was told by his Helper that he would return to them when he was ready. I had been given a brief glimpse at, a capsized passenger ship, a hydroplane boat accident, the suicide of Thomas Parker, and the death of Sir Henry who I finally settled in on. I performed the retrieval on Sir Henry without further thought of the others, until one popped back up, during a meditation with a completely different intent.

While participating in a guided chakra balancing, group meditation, I was taken back to one of these retrieval scenarios. It was the scene of the hanged man I had seen previously. He appeared to be hanging from a ratty piece of rope, or torn fabric tied to a fire sprinkler or pipe in a bathroom. He had climbed on top of a toilet, tied the noose around his neck, and then jumped off the toilet seat. He was dressed in “typical bathroom attire”, and though I did get a good look at his face, it seemed to keep changing a bit. I felt that this was my conscious mind adding some interpreter overlay. Perhaps he resembled someone else in my memory or his personality triggered the vision of others I had known that where of a similar type. I asked for a time frame of the suicide, and got the year 1974, but did not know if that pertained to the year of his death, birth, or some other significant event in his life. As I continued with the retrieval, I felt his death was actually, much more recent in time.

As I came upon him in the bathroom, he seemed as if he was almost expecting me. He was not surprised at my presence at all. Upon my introducing myself to him, while he was hanging from the ceiling, He simply turned his head towards me and said, “Go Away”. He said others had been there before me, and tried to talk him into following them, but he was not going anywhere. He knew what was in store for him, and he did not want any part of it.

Not only did I sense, that he felt, there was some sort of punishment due, for the suicide itself, but I felt there was something else he had done, that prompted the suicide, that he was afraid there would be retribution for. This seemed to be the reason behind his personal entrapment.

I felt as if I had a very lengthy conversation with him, but it seemed to go by in “fast forwarded”. I did not retain much of what was said, and either a Helper I did not recognize as being present, took over, or I was on a sort of autopilot. I did know, that we discussed the unlikely possibility, of any type of hell or negative karma awaiting him. I also knew I brought up some very close similarities in our lives, including feelings of guilt and depression. Either way, at the end of the lengthy discussion and debate with him, I had gained his complete trust and acceptance of the fact, that he could not continue to hang naked from the ceiling. I believe I had somewhat convinced him of the improbability of any sort of punishment, other than what had already been meted out by his own hand.

I had told him that if he would come down from the ceiling and follow me, I would stay with him, and we could simply turn around and come back if there was anything that scared him or did not make him feel completely comfortable and safe. I also told him, that once he passed to the other side, he could be of great service, as a guide to those suffering from similar issues to his own. He seemed very pleased with that idea of being of service to others, as he seemed to feel that there needed to be some sort of penance, for whatever it was he had done.

Once he let himself down from the ceiling, I felt him totally release from the feelings of fear and guilt, and in a rush of forgiveness for himself, he simply vanished in a white ball of light, without me having to take him anywhere.

Cathy D

While in a meditative state I was approached by by two male Helpers who requested my assistance in a soul retrieval. They guided me to a three-story row house in a town a knew to be Boston. It was a seminary and living quarters for Catholic priests. I saw a man dressed in a long night shirt lying in bed. I knew that he was a bishop. He was largely rotund bald man who seemed quite unhealthy though not sick. I seemingly appeared to him as a young priest, so I went with that. I told him that we should take a walk outside as it was a beautiful day and it would be good for his health. He grumpily told me that he wasn’t going anywhere, and that he didn’t feel he had enough energy to even get out of bed to get dressed.

My two helpers also appeared as young priests and offered to help dress him. He grumbled his agreement and as they did this, he started talking about his glory days, when everyone respected him. He told us that now, the priests in the house totally ignored him and wouldn’t even speak to him when they were spoken to. He went on and on about the lack of respect.

I “knew” that he was an arrogant and unethical man, who was not very well loved by the others. He broke his sacraments regularly and often abused others within the ranks of the church. He was completely self-obsessed and saw himself as a kind of king.

After the two helpers completed getting him dressed, they helped him downstairs and into a chair near the front door. He spoke to several of the priests in the common area next to the foyer of the seminary, and they didn’t seem to hear him. He began shouting at them and looked at me to say, “See?, No respect!” My Helpers placed his formal red bishop’s cape over his shoulders and led him out the front. As they continued down the street the gently faded into a bright mist. I chose to stay behind and not to follow this time, as I was not comfortable with this man’s personality.

Steve D

I had a extremely hard time settling down for this meditation and soul retrieval, and realized afterwards that it was because of the grizzly deed I was about to be privy too.

A Helper tried several times to make his appearance known to me, but I just kept seeing flashes of an ever changing image. After a time, I stopped trying to lock in on one particular image, and the guide just became an morphing blob of gray jello. I then had scenes start flashing by me like a turbo charged slide show. I couldn’t tell what I was seeing. I took a deep breath, and reminded myself to just allow the scene to take form without reacting to it. This seemed to work, but then all I saw was the color red. No matter how much I tried to move past it, that was all I saw. Detail and focus began to bring description to what I was seeing, and it was quite disturbing. The red I was seeing was blood. Deep red, pools of blood, flesh and tissue.

I quickly set my intent to move on, without wanting anymore detail than what I had already seen. The red of the blood, quickly changed to the red of fire and flames. All around me I saw fire and burning hot lava. I seemed to be underground in a cavern and everything was glowing red hot. I was in the complete Hollywood version of what Hell looked like. It even had a large grimacing demons head, laughing in demonic tones. There was a thunderous roar coming from the flames and lava spitting and spattering everywhere.

I yelled out asking if anyone was there and heard no reply, though it was difficult to hear anything other than the inferno’s roar. I tried again and heard nothing, so I imagined a thermostat on a wall, and simply turned it all the way down. The flames ceased, the roaring stopped, the lava turned to solid rock, and the Demon’s head disappeared. I called out again and this time my voice could clearly be heard echoing around what now just looked like an underground cavern. I sensed that someone was close but was not responding. As I began my search, I could hear someone whimpering like a lost child. I went to where I heard the sound, and I saw a man, cowering on his hands and knees, with his arms covering his head, frozen in fear behind a large boulder.

The man was dressed in a dirty and tattered black business suit, and I perceived he was some sort of hotshot lawyer or corporate VIP. His name was Felix, Felix Watermaker, but I had the distinct feeling it was an unusual spelling, such as Watermacher or Watenmacher. I then flashed back to the blood and gore scene and saw Mr. Watermacher sectioning up his wife’s dead body, who he had murdered. I heard the name Doris or possibly Daloris. I then saw him loading several large metal coolers onto a boat in a marina in the middle of the night. When I asked where this was, I got the feeling of New Jersey. I was a bit confused because I had a very strong sense the the Watermachers were from Indiana. After seeing the cause of his entrapment, I returned back to Felix in his Hell.

I approached him and said, Sir stand up, what you are doing down here?. He told me he thought this was Hell and he was suffering for his sins on Earth. I told him I didn’t care what he thought it was, he wasn’t allowed down here. I told him I would have to call security and have him removed. I pulled a radio off my belt and pretended to call a security officer using some official sounding security talk. I said we had a 506 in the basement’s secure area, and to send a team down. I could see in his face, that his belief system in the Hell he created, was already beginning to crumble. There was a look of doubt starting to show in his face, and a little doubt, is all it takes to get him moving again.

To the left of me, about fifty feet away, I noticed a large, metal, industrial looking, set of stairs leading very high up, that wasn’t there before. We could hear a heavy door open at the top, and the clanking of footsteps coming down the stairs. The Helper showed up dressed as a uniformed security guard, with fully loaded utility belt, including billy club, handcuffs, and a gun. As he approached us, I told Felix he would have to go with the security officer and answer a few questions. He didn’t seem to hesitate in the least bit, as the Helper grabbed him under the arm and led him off. I assume he was so glad to get out of Hell, anyplace else would be an improvement to his previous situation. The Helper led him up the stairs until they disappeared from my view. After they were gone I turned a complete circle, taking in the tremendous detail that had been put into the creation of his self imposed prison. I was amazed at the deafening silence, that stood in such stark contrast to the thunderous roar of the burning inferno when I arrived. I wondered what happens to these places after the creator of them is gone. Do they continue to exist? Do others show up there? Or do they just fade away? I was at total peace, and very gently returned back the room where my physical body lay in peaceful meditation.

Cathy D

I entered a meditative state with the intention of performing a soul retrieval. Shortly after reaching a very relaxed state, my helper came to me without form. He seemed to be just light, or a sensation of a presence. He took me to a dirt road, that ran along the bank of a canal. As I looked towards the water, I saw a large dark hump, rising above the surface. My first impression was that it looked like a whale or manatee, but I knew this wasn’t possible in a canal. I asked the Helper where I was, and he told me Wichita, Kansas in 1950. I looked again and still could not interpret what I was seeing as a hump in the water.

My attention was then drawn to a young boy of about ten years old, who was also standing on the edge of the canal, staring at the black hump in the water. As I focused my attention a little farther down the dirt road, I saw an older teenage boy of about seventeen, pacing up and down the road. I then had a rush of information, that immediately made me aware that the hump, I was looking at, was the roof of a submerged automobile. The boys had been out joyriding in their parents’ car. The older boy had been racing down the dirt road, when he lost control of the car, and it jumped the bank and ended up in the canal. Out of fear of telling his parents, the older boy had convinced himself that he needed to stay there to “figure things out”. This simple fear of his parents’ reaction, had kept him trapped in his death scene for decades. The younger boy out of loyalty to his older brother, did not want to go anywhere without him.

When I approached the older boy he was still there mumbling, trying to figure out what to tell his parents. I asked him what had happened, and he told me he had crashed the car into the canal, and was worried about telling his parents. I told him there was no need to worry, and that his parents already knew about the accident, and just wanted them to come home. I saw the look of relief sweep over them, and they immediately released, and flew off with the Helper.

Cathy D

My Helper took me to a split-level 1960’s style house in Pleasantville, Iowa, that had shown signs of a recent fire, in the upper story of the structure. I went inside and saw that the interior was indeed burned, but all the furniture and personal belongings were still present, so I knew the fire had been very recent.

As I continued to explore the home, I found my way to the kitchen. There sat a balding, middle-aged man at the kitchen table, smoking a cigarette in his pajamas. My Helper made me aware that he had died by burning to death. He had been smoking a cigarette in bed, and after falling asleep, dropped the hot embers on to the bed linens which ignited causing the house fire which killed him.

I introduced myself to him, and asked what he was still doing there in that mess. He told me his name was Ed, and that he was waiting for his family to return from a shopping trip. He was dreading their return, because he knew he had started the fire. Apparently he was either stuck, because he was caught up in “waiting” for his family to return, or possibly the need for their forgiveness. Regardless, I told him his family was just outside and already knew about the fire, so there was no need to continue worrying. I asked if he would like to see them and I led him out the front door, where two Helpers escorted him off.

Michi S

This retrieval occurred while I was participating in a guided meditation.  I had no previous experience with retrievals nor did I intend to perform one. Despite this, I had the following experience.

I found myself steering away from the guided voice, and found myself flying high into the sky, and landed at what appeared to be a deserted courtyard of an old manor, somewhere in Europe. I found myself standing between an empty stable and the main stone house.  I walked into the main building from the back entrance, through a small wooden door into a hallway, and noticed a small boy standing there, alone.  He appeared to be around 6-8 years old, skinny body, straight short blond hair with his bangs covering his eyebrows.  he was wearing a dingy white shirt, gray cropped pants and a matching vest.  The clothes he was wearing seemed a bit big for his body size.

I normally dream and see meditative visions in color, but this time, everything I saw had a sepia tone to it.  The time period around the 1920s to 1930s, came into my head.  The boy just stood there without saying a word, but communicated almost in a telepathic sense, and told me that one day, he found himself alone in the house and didn't know where everyone went, his entire family including all the workers who lived there with him had vanished.  

Not knowing what exactly, I was there for, or what I was doing, I felt the urge to take him out of this place. I just knew in my heart he didn't belong there.  I asked him to come with me but he stood there silently, as if he was trying to gauge if he could trust me.   He then showed me a vision of three boys who had wandered into the manor house one day, after he had been there alone for some time.  He played with them and had such a good time, when they were leaving, he had wanted to go with them, but once they realized there was something different about him, they threw rocks at him and then ran away and never came back.  

I stood there in front of him and kept trying to convince him that he could trust me and shouldn't be there alone, and that he should come with me.  It felt like hours had passed by, despite the fact that this particular meditation only lasted for only 15-20 minutes.  Finally the boy decided to take my hand.  I took him back to my sacred place where I normally begin my meditations. Once there, the boy was approached by three of my guides.  I said goodbye to him, and as we were parting, he was smiling and holding one of the guide's hand, walking and skipping towards the light.  As I looked back, waving my hand, I realized that everything was back in vivid colors again.

Cathy D

After asking for a Guide to come and help me with a retrieval, an elephant appeared. It seemed to be very happy, but I was a little confused as to why I was seeing an elephant, and when I asked if it were my Helper, it nodded vigorously in the affirmative, as I also heard a resounding, yes. I thought okay, I would just go with this and see what happens. She took me to a large city in India, in what I believe to be “real time”. In other words I believe I was there as the events were happening.

My first image was of a dead man’s body, that appeared to be cartoonishly flattened, being carted away in a wooden wheelbarrow, by several men with a crowd around them. I “knew” that the man had been crushed by an elephant. An elephant that he knew very well. I then saw another scene nearby were an elephant had been shot and killed. I “knew” that he deceased man had been this elephants handler and he had been accidentally crushed by her in a terrible set of events.. I sensed that the elephant had a very deep affection for her handler, but had become frightened when something spooked her. In her ensuing panic and with her instinct to flee the danger, she had trampled over her handler who she did not see.

I saw the spirit of the dead handler hugging the body of the elephant, crying and screaming, “Why? Why did they kill her?”. I told him I didn’t know why, but to turn around and look behind him. The Helper in the exact image of the handler’s elephant, came up behind him, lifted him up with her trunk, and set him gently on her back. As he settled in on the elephants back he seemed to exude an aura of bliss and happiness. Then in an instant, he and the Helper faded from my awareness.


Steve D

Previously, I had the name Maria Louise come to me during a meditation, without any further information or clarification. I knew however, that eventually I would come to know exactly, who she was and why I was given her name. I did not have to wait long, two days later, during a retrieval exercise I did, in fact come across Maria Louise once again.

As I drifted into a deep trance state, and without the knowledge of a Helper being present, I came upon a hillside overlooking a classic, European town in a valley below. The town was made up of hundreds, of one and two story structures, all of which were constructed of a similar tannish, gray stucco. A few were topped in vaulted tile roofs, but most were covered only in thatch.
The predominate feature in the skyline, was what I assumed to be a church with a round tower that easily stood 30 feet above anything else in the town.

I sensed a Helper was there with me, and asked to be taken to my target retrieval. Almost as quickly as I thought the question, I found myself in one of the smaller homes, in the city below. I was looking at the back of a women, who I knew to be the same Maria Louise whose name I had been given on a previous meditation. She was standing in a room, that appeared to be a humble, modestly furnished, kitchen. She was standing with her back to me, at a large masonry counter, that stretched the width of the room. There was a large sink or tub, sunken into the counter top, and an open window just above. The ceiling was low and beamed, and I sensed there was another floor above accessed by a wooden staircase behind a wall to the left of the door. I felt this was the extent of the home, with no other rooms except the two. Besides the counter the predominant feature in the room was a large fireplace to the right, with a steel kettle and herbs drying from the beams above. The floor was of stone and it appeared to be wet as if it had just been cleaned. Except for a cabinet unit against the wall opposite the fireplace, a large rough hewn table in the center of the room and a small backless bench just inside the door, there was very little else in the way of furniture in the room. Maria, a somewhat stout woman was standing barefoot at the sink, wearing a dark red blouse with the sleeves rolled up, a dark blue calve length skirt and a dirty, light tan apron of sorts made out of a very course fabric similar to canvas. Though she had her back to me, I could tell she was busy at work washing clothes. I couldn't help but to notice the intensity to which she went upon this chore, as sweat drenched the back of her shirt and ran down the sides of her face.

I stepped in the open door and politely introduced myself. A background story of what I was doing there just popped into my head, perhaps suggested by my Helper. I told her a story, that at the time was so far fetched, I didn't think she would ever believe it. I had no idea, that it probably wasn't a coincidence that I chose the story line I did, but would find out later it had more significance than I thought. I had told her that I had slipped and fallen in the street outside her door and had struck my head on the stone curb. I said I was a bit dizzy, and would she mind if I just sat for a moment, on the bench at her front door, that I had seen from the street. Without turning around or breaking from her menial task she told me I was welcome to, as long as I didn't bother her or keep her from all the work she had to do. I told her I would not bother her, and I would be on my way, as soon as my companion came along, which should be momentarily.

As I sat there trying to think of what her situation was and why she was stuck there. I thought I would get some background information. I asked whose home I was in, and she told me her name was Maria Louise and this was the home of her husband Pietro the cart maker. I asked what their family name was, and it seemed to be only Pietro the Cart Maker and Maria Louise the Cart Makers wife (This may have been my interpreter overlay for name in Italian that means ‘cart maker’). I had told her my mind was a bit fuzzy, and I was quite disoriented, and could she possibly remind me where we were. She told me Verona. I asked, "Verona, Italy?" She replied, "Of course, Italy". I then awkwardly asked what year it was, and after a slight pause, she told me 478 . This entire exchange took place without her ever turning from her diligent work. She said she did not have time for conversation and if I didn't mind, could I please leave her to her work, of which there was a never ending supply. Though I did not ask anymore questions about her family I had a clear knowing that she had children who were married and on their own.

I then asked the Helper why she was there, and the terrible circumstances leading up to her being stuck, for so many years. He showed me a scene from Maria’s life, where she was toting a large and heavy vat of dirty water to the door, with the intention of dumping it out, and as she she stepped upon the wet stone stoop at the front door, to toss it upon the cobblestone street she slipped and hit her head on the stone threshold. I now had my answer, of where my ridiculous cover story came from, and why it fit so well into her belief system.

The fall did not kill her, but it did cause extensive brain damage, and she remained bed ridden for the rest of her life, unable to attend to herself. This strong, confident women, who had always worked so hard at keeping her household and family in order, had now become a burden to them. When she died she could not transition because of her self-imposed duty to take care of the household, and make up for those years of guilt while she lay in bed and others tended to her. For over fifteen hundred years she worked like a dog, from one chore to the next without ever taking a moment to look up.

I told her I had not intended to keep her from her work and mentioned that my friend had arrived and I would be leaving. I introduced the Helper to her, and again she acknowledged without ever turning around. I then told her, that I had not been exactly honest with her. I told her I had been sent to tell her the truth. I noticed when I said that, she had stopped scrubbing the clothes, but still stood there with her back to us. I said that all those that she had been caring for all those years were now gone and would not be back. In fact, I said they all died long ago and that my message I was to give her, was that it was time for her to join them. As I finished relaying this information she started scrubbing again, and said she couldn't go anywhere, because there was just too much work to do. I had told her, that I would take over, and make sure all the work was completed, if she would allow herself to go with my friend. She made me promise as I took over the scrubbing at the sink. She joined the Helper at the front door, looked back to make sure I was still scrubbing, and then stepped out into the street with him. As they walked down the street they appeared to rise off the ground, as the background faded into a mist. Once they were gone, I put the chores aside, and returned to my physical body.


Steve D

I had just settled in for my morning meditation, when Jeremy, the sage looking Helper from some of my previous retrievals, came into my awareness. I knew we were about to depart on a retrieval mission, even though I had not yet attained a very deep level of meditation. I was still quite aware of my physical body, and distractions in and about the room. I decided to proceed anyway, with the intention of going deeper in as we progressed.

I was transported to a scene of a young girl, wearing a daypack and dressed in khaki shorts, a plaid blouse, white tee shirt and hiking boots. She was at the base of a steep incline, that was not quite a cliff. As she tried to frantically climb back up, she just kept slipping in the loose gravel and stones, not making any progress. I could see a large amount of blood and damage to the right side of her face and head, and knew this had been the cause of her death.

I tried to get some basic information from her, in order to determine the best way to proceed, but had trouble getting her attention. She seemed focused on having to get back up the embankment, and was either ignoring or not hearing my questions. She was just mumbling something like, “I have to get back up. I have to make it. I can’t get left here”. I asked the typical whys, whos, and whats, but did not get anything.

I turned to Jeremy and asked a few orientation questions, and I did get some very specific information in return. He let me know we were in Nevada at a place called Peterson’s Ridge. I also got the name, Colton Creek but felt that was in reference to someplace other than the site of the accident, possibly her hometown. The girl’s name was Leslie McDonnell, and she was only sixteen years old. For some reason, I was shown this specific spelling of her name rather than just being told or given the thought. I was taken back to the time of her accident in the year 1972, and was shown her hiking along the top of the drop off, with a group of similarly aged children. There also seemed to be two or three young adults along as guides or chaperones.

As they were walking along a trail that followed the edge of the drop-off, a yellow jacket started buzzing around Leslie’s head. Out of the fear of being stung, she started spinning around and swatting at the bee. While doing this she got too close to the edge of the trail, and fell over a hundred feet to the bottom where she struck her head on a large rocky outcropping.

I could not get a clear answer on why she was stuck in her death scene. I felt that a young sixteen year old girl, that simply died of an accident should have transitioned without hesitation or detour. As I tried to get clear resolution to this question, I had trouble moving past this simple point. As I continued to ask Leslie questions, I could see her attention given so intently, to climbing out of her demise, was waning. It seemed this distraction was enough for Jeremy, the Helper to move in and get her to notice him. He must have had some sort of communication with her, that I did not hear, because she looked up at him and seemed to nod once, as Jeremy gently held her under her arm, and helped her float easily up the embankment and out of view.

Because of my inability to believe that she actually was stuck, I began to have doubts that the experience was actually a soul retrieval. I felt that since I never really obtained a very deep level of meditative state, I somehow never got to that area where stuck souls dwell. Even though I had received some very specific information I still chalked this one up to an unexplained vision or possibly just a psychic viewing of a young teen’s unfortunate death. Little did I realize this was not the last I would see of Leslie McDonnell.

Steve D

When I enter into a meditative state without any particular intention, I often just ask for any guides that are present, to please provide the experience I would most benefit from.

As soon as I saw the Helper Jeremy, I knew where I was going and who I would see. I was still uneasy about the rescue of Leslie, the victim of a deadly fall. I ended up back at the base of the cliff, where I had found her in a previous retrieval. Even though I had already assisted Jeremy in releasing her from her death scene, I never was able to find closure, because I was not able to reason out why a simple fall, had kept her from fully transitioning. I was going to be given another chance, to have some questions answered.

I found myself in a re-play of the retrieval. Whether this was the actual retrieval revisited, or simply a recreation set up by Jeremy, everything was identical to the original retrieval scene. This time, I asked Leslie why she felt it was so crucially important, that she survived the fall, and got back up to the top of the ridge. I told her people die of falls every day, and quickly pass to a better place of peace and serenity.

She seemed agitated that I was speaking to her as if she were dead. She said that I did not have a clear understanding of her situation. She told me she could not die here, because her parents would be completely devastated. They had just dealt with the tragic loss of her brother and only sibling Matthew, only a few years earlier. I thought, Brother! What’s this about a brother? I felt slightly embarrassed by not having considered that their may have been other players involved in her situation. I had never before had a case where a Soul's need for retrieval was linked to another Soul.

I asked about her brother and she said his name was Matthew McDonnell, and he had been killed in Vietnam in 1967. Immediately, I flashed to a muddy field in Vietnam, outside a village called Dyang Kyow (phonetic spelling). I was standing in mud under about two inches of water. Laying face down next to me was Cpl. McDonnell. I could see he had a mortal wound in his back under his left shoulder blade. I flashed to a scene where he had been walking across this open swampy field, when a snipers bullet came out of nowhere and without so much as a sound, ripped through his body. He was killed instantly and fell face down in the mud.

I simply asked the corporal, "Why are you still here?" He rolled his head up out of the mud and replied, “Where else should I be?” I asked him if he knew he had been shot in the back, and he said he was quite aware of the fact. When I asked if him if he knew that he had been killed by the bullet, he said, why else would he be lying face down in the mud? His tone was quite sarcastic and I was also picking up on a lot of anger. I continued to question him, as I tried to figure out why he was stuck in his death scene and had not transitioned. I again asked why, if he knew he was dead, did he remain in this muddy field where he was killed? I asked him why he had not moved on into the Afterlife's final destination.

All at once, I was made privy to his belief system. Whether this was being transmitted by him or the Helper, I knew that he no longer believed in a Heaven or any other form of an Afterlife, nor did he believe in any God or other prime energy. He had seen too much war, and too much death. He had come to believe, that if there was indeed a God, he would never let the terrible things he had seen happen. He had come to believe, that when you die, you are simply just dead. He was laying there in that mud, waiting for every aspect of himself to just fade away and cease to exist.

I told him that I understood why he felt that way, and that surely he must have seen some terrible events, but assured him that there was indeed a Heaven. He disagreed and I knew I would not be able to debate my way through this retrieval so I asked him, if there was a Heaven, what would he imagine it to look like? As he began to explain this imaginary Heaven of his to me, I could actually see it in full color. It was painted in brilliant vivid colors that almost brought tears to my eyes, in all it's beauty. There was a vibrant rainbow against a background sky, of oranges, blues and purples. Golden mountains in the background gave way to a lush green, grassy terrain of rolling hills. A deep blue, sparkling creek flowed through the shimmering landscape. The predominate feature in Matthews Heaven, was the numerous Angels. Everywhere I looked there were beautiful seductive looking, female Angels. They were tall and thin, with long silken hair and wearing flowing gowns of a practically see through silvery material, that showed every detail of their perfect bodies. At that instant, I knew how best to get Matthew to go with the Helper Jeremy.

As I returned from Mathews Heaven, I now stood before him with the Helper, who now took on the look of one of these erotic Angels. The beauty and sexuality that he exuded as a woman was overpowering. I told Matthew that his image of what the Afterlife would look like, if it existed, was actually not far off from it's true appearance, and as proof I presented the beautiful Angel whose form Jeremy took on. I told Matthew that she had come from Heaven, to guide him back with her. Judging by what I felt, Matthew must have found her irresistible. She floated over to him and reached out with her long slender arm, beckoning Matthew up out of the mud. He accepted her offer, as he reached up and took her hand. He floated up out of the mud, leaving all traces of it's filth behind, and allowed himself to be led away.

As they slowly floated away over the muddy field. I returned back to my physical body, quite satisfied with the retrieval. I was elated. Not only had I found the information I was seeking on the stuck teenage girl, that verified it was a legitimate retrieval, but that information led me to the retrieval of her brother. This was the first time I had received a “referral” for a retrieval and the first time I had performed a multiple retrieval in the same family.

Steve D

I entered into a peaceful meditative state with the intention of performing a retrieval on a gentleman I had just glimpsed the night before, as I fell asleep. I had seen this gentleman just as I was drifting off, standing amongst the aisles in a department store, looking very confused and disoriented. I was much to tired at the time to give the retrieval my full attention, and convinced myself that I would have better results, if I left it until the morning.

Within a minute or two I recognized the now familiar vibrations of the Afterlife belief realm, and set off looking for the confused man. I simply stated a request to be taken back to him, and my request was granted instantaneously. I found him just as I did the previous evening, standing at the end of the aisles in a K-Mart department store. He appeared to be almost six feet tall, with a thinning but full head of wavy auburn hair. He was light complected and wore largish wire rimmed glasses on his face. He was dressed in a short sleeved dress shirt, white with a gold repeating pattern, and tan colored slacks. There was something in his shirt pocket that may have been a clip on case for his glasses

I was given his name as George, George Dunbar, and I knew this K-Mart to be in Spartanburg, Indiana, in the year 1974. That is all the information I had been briefed with, so I would have to get my own background information. I asked George, by name, what he was doing there. He said he didn’t really know where he was, and that he could not find his wife.

I told him he was at the K-Mart, and asked if he could try to remember how he had gotten there. He said, “That’s right, K-Mart”. He said he was out with his wife when he started to get a bit crampy, with a case of heartburn. He had stopped by the K-Mart to see if he could find some anti-acid. He remembers going into the store and walking towards the pharmacy department, while his wife went to look for a pair of stockings. He then got confused, and not only couldn’t find the pharmacy department, but now could not locate his wife either. He became very disoriented and was a bit scared, since now there didn’t seem to be anyone else in store either. He just kept saying he had to find his wife, and did I know where his wife was.

I asked George to relax and calm himself, and not to worry because I was there to help him. I told him we would find his wife together. First I explained to him, that he had not been suffering from heartburn, and that he had actually had a fatal heart attack right there in the K-Mart. He was very confused as to how he could have missed the fact that he had died. I told him we would go find his wife but he had to first acknowledge what I said, and that he recognized the fact that he was indeed dead. He still didn’t seem to grasp how his death eluded him, but eventually agreed that he was deceased.

I told him his wife was no longer in the store with him, and that several years had passed since he and his wife were actually in that store together. I explained to him that, what he was looking at as the K-Mart, was actually just a creation of his reality within his belief system. I told him we would go and find where his wife was now, and make sure she was okay. I asked what his wife’s name was, and simultaneously I knew her name to be Bridget, while George told me Gidget. He said he called her “Gidge”.

In order to find where she was, I stated the command, “Take me to Bridget Dunbar”, since I had no idea where to find her after 40 years. We were taken to a small home or condo in a town called Longingham, Illinois. Bridget was living by herself, but seemed to be, healthy, quite independent, and doing fine. She was in her mid-eighties, and her home was part of an exclusive retirement community. Upon our arrival, I could sense George felt peace flow through him as his worry eased.

Bridget seemed quite busy as she was walking back and forth between the kitchen and some room in the back of her unit that I felt to be the laundry room. She seemed to pause from her work as if she sensed something in the living room where we were standing. She walked in past us, and up to a picture of George sitting on an end table. She picked it up and let out a sigh with a huge smile and then placed it back on the table and returned to her kitchen duties.

I told George it was time to go, and that I had some friends that were coming to escort him. He acknowledged and the air around us got very tingly and bright, as two figure of sparkling energy appeared on either side of George. I asked for their names but was given more of a feeling or emotion, that was completely different and unique for the two of them. There also seemed to be a musical tone or vibration that accompanied the feeling. As they became more opaque in appearance the surroundings became a wash of brilliant bright light.

We seemed to be motion, with the Helpers on each side of George and myself following close behind. We soon found ourselves flying over some treetops as we descended and smoothly landed on a grassy area along the shore of a lake. As I looked ahead I saw a boy of nine years old walking along the lake bank with his father. At that moment I realized George was no longer in the custody of the Guides, and that he had become the little boy. As they walked a little farther they joined a women, who I assumed to be his mother, setting out a picnic lunch.

I was still a bit concerned for George, and thought he may still just be avoiding his death, and creating another situation he may need to be retrieved from. The Helpers assured me, that he would be fine and he would just be at the lake long enough to adjust to the new energies. He would then be taken to a transition area for the next stage in the process. As they told me that I had a visual image of George going through some sort of debriefing or interview process.

I watched George with his parents for a bit longer, with a large smile on my face, remembering my own special moments with my parents as a young child. I slowly released myself from the scene and drifted back into the awareness of my own physical body.

Steve D

Once again, guided by just a name I received in a previous meditation, I called on my, now seemingly regular retrieval Helper Jeremy, to assist me in retrieving a Mary Rickets. Within a moment of setting that intent, and entering a quite meditative state, I found myself at the base of a stone staircase, at the top of a rocky slope outside a castle wall. The stone steps wound around a stone platform that rose to a height of about eight feet. From my vantage point at the base, I could not see the top, or make out what the structure was. I was being guided to go up the steps, and felt that is where I would find my retrieval target.

There were about ten stairs, that rose up along the side of the stone platform structure, to a small landing, where the turned to the left and continued for another three or four steps. Once at the top, I found eighteen year old Mary Rickets, who was sitting at the base of a rough hewn, timbered, gallows, rocking back and forth, hugging her legs, with her face buried in her knees. The timbered gallows sat squarely in the middle of an eight by twelve foot stone platform just, outside the gate of a castles walls.

We were in a town called Darby, somewhere in the British Isles, the year was 1574 and Mary had been hung for heresy against the church. It seems that Mary’s 38 year old husband, of a little over two years had fallen ill with fever, and Mary being a dutiful wife had prepared him a cup of herbal tea, from a recipe that had been handed down for generations, from the maternal side of her family. It was a simple tea made of dried stone moss, St John’s wort, and rose hips. The fever broke, either on it’s own or by way of the tea, and her husband Edwin reported the event to the prefecture of the Church. After a brief trial, and without any testimony given on Mary’s behalf, she was hung on the following Friday. Mary herself, blinded by her faith, accepted the fact that she must have been guilty, if the Church deemed it so. She even confessed to participating in the Devil’s work, even though she did not see how making a tea to help someone, could possibly align her with evil.

After being executed, Mary could not allow her spirit to move from the gallows, out of fear of the fires of eternal hell. So there she sat for hundreds of years, refusing to acknowledge anything that tried to move her from that place of relative safety.

I also was made aware that her husband, had possibly possessed some ulterior motives, for reporting the activities of his young wife, of only two years. Though married previously, his first wife died during the birth of their first child. It had been several years before he was remarried, and his new wife was unable to provide him with a child after more than two years. He desperately desired a son, to carry on his lineage, and he felt that his time was growing short.

I came to Mary as a monk, almost in tears myself, out of empathy for her despair at such a young age. She had flawless faith in her Church but now felt abandoned and alone. I reached down and gently grasped her hand, as I helped her to her feet, and said, with an eminence of love, “Stand up my child, God has not abandoned you”.

I told her that the Church had made an error in their judgement of her, and that I too had been admonished, wrongly by the Church, but could assure her that heaven existed, for all those who had a desire to go there. I then said, “See”, as I extended my hand out in front of me, palm up. As I gestured, two glowing Angels appeared with a marble staircase appearing between them. They stepped to either side of her as I released her hand, and they slowly led her up the stairs into a blinding but soothing light.

I chose not to follow because of the strong emotional feelings I was having that had me near tears. I returned to my physical body and brought myself back to full conscious awareness. I have not had such a strong emotional attachment to a retrieval before and question whether or not there may be something else connecting myself to Mary Rickets.

Steve D

This retrieval illustrates a rescue from a belief system realm. The belief system realm, is made up of souls that are stuck in an area made up of the similar beliefs, of an entire group. Souls stuck here, are often found with others stuck from a similar set of circumstances, as opposed to finding souls that are alone in their own, singular, self created beliefs.

As I entered into this silent meditation, I called on my Helper, Jeremy to assist me in retrieving a Soul from a belief system territory. Jeremy appeared quite quickly, and looked at me with a smile that appeared to be concealing something, and said, “I hope your ready for this one”, as he half snickered. I became a little anxious, since I knew this would mean I would be in a retrieval situation a little outside my box. He reminded we to have fun with it, that the feeling of love and joy are the keys to a successful retrieval, and off we went.

I found myself standing at the entrance to a very large room, filled with a hundred or more people dressed as ancient Roman citizens, and engaging in various activities of “physical pleasures”. Of course by physical, I mean activities that we would think typically, wold be enjoyed while possessing a physical body, even though this was happening in a non-physical reality. The room was made of marble, awash in a soft golden glow, and adorned with numerous sculptures and intricate wall mosaics. There was a large hot pool in the middle of the room, with several dozen people in it. Surrounding the room were many lounging settees, made of marble covered in plush embroidered cushions. There were tables positioned around the room, overflowing with food of every taste and type, along with numerous canisters of wine. All the plates, utensils and goblets were all of gold adorned with jewels.

The group was made up equally of men and women, all in various states of dress, with no one appearing over the age of 40. The ones that were wearing any clothing were wearing gold, silken fabrics, accessorized with beautiful and precious gems. Without going into vivid detail, I can just say that every form of human pleasure was being explored to its’ fullest potential.

As I looked for my target, I tried to spot someone who was in some sort of distress, as this had been the case in every retrieval I had performed up to this time. I could see nothing other than people enjoying themselves and happy. I had just begun to ask Jeremy where I could find my target, and he directed my attention to a young woman in her early twenties, reclining on her side, in a cushion lined, marble settee, on the other side of the room. She was quite beautiful with olive skin, dark eyes, and wavy black hair interlaced with golden cords. She was unclothed except for a silken wrap hanging loosely over her hips.

I had asked for the background information, and Jeremy told me that my target was named Dyonicea, and she had died in the year 325AD after living a full life to the age of 68. She had raised a family, and taken good care of her husband and the household. She honored her Gods properly, and her reward, as she believed it to be, was this form of Roman Heaven. Dyonicea’s pleasure began to wane, so she had begun to question whether this was actually heaven, since pleasure and happiness in her version of Roman Heaven, was supposed to be eternal. This small amount of doubt, opened up enough of a crack in her belief system, that it allowed for Jeremy and I to make our presence known, and initiate a retrieval attempt.

As I approached her, fully clothed in a Roman Toga, I was still shocked from the scene I had been dropped in. I introduced myself as Steven, and ask for her name in return, but must have sounded like a babbling, chemistry nerd, at the high school prom, trying to ask the Prom Queen for a dance. She sarcastically and quite smugly replied to my introduction by saying, “Hello Steeeve, I’m Dyonicea. What can you do for me? I was quite taken back by this, and was ready to cut and run, when I believe Jeremy, the Helper, presented me with a cover story. As I got my confidence back, I said to Dyonicea that my brother Jeremius had sent me over to formally introduce them. Jeremy made his way over to us, as I said this, and positioned himself to my left and right in front of Dyonicea, who was still laying on her side with her head just about waist level.

Jeremy, or Jeremius, who was barely wearing anything, and oiled up from head to toe, looked as if he was the latest winner in the Mr. Universe contest, and dressed the part. Now I really had trouble finding a direction to focus my attention, and if I had a physical body, I am sure it would have been drenched in a nervous sweat. Jeremy played the Adonis well. He had presented himself quite tall, with bronze skin, curly blonde hair adorned with some sort of golden band and deep blue eyes.

Again without going into any vivid detail, I can only say that she sat up slightly, and her eyes widened as if saying “Oh my God”. She was able to force her gaze upward and make eye contact as she said, Where did you come from? I told her that he had just arrived, but she now seemed oblivious to my comments or anything else going on in the room. Jeremy reached down and gently took her hand and led her into an adjoining room, that initially appeared to be a bed chamber. As he gently guided her on to a large cushioned bed, she fell into a deep sleep and the room began to fade away.

What was formerly a Roman bed chamber, now seemed to be morphing into a celestial hospital ward. The bed became just a thick white mattress, made of wispy, clouds floating in the ether. Though there did seem to be some sort of boundary to the room, it was almost indistinguishable. There also appeared to be about twenty or so other beds, all with people in a similar state of deep rest. I noticed about three or four attendants standing at different beds.

I was expecting “The Park” so I was quite surprised to end up in a what appeared as a hospital ward. Jeremy said she would need to stay there for a time, while she went through a recovery process. She would need to unlearn the beliefs that had detoured her to this particular belief system, before she could move on.

After leaving the Recovery Center, I went back to the main room, where I first encountered Dyonicea, and attempted to find another Target ready for retrieval. I was unsuccessful attracting the attention of anyone else, and concluded that there were no other candidates for retrieval at that time. I intend to check back there from time to time, to see if I can find away to approach others. It is my desire to learn, to retrieve several souls simultaneously. As I began the return back to my physical body, I saw Jeremy on last time and just laughed to myself thinking back on the retrieval. His blue eyed gaze and warm smile returned a feeling of divine love, just as I returned to a full waking state.

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