“No Matter What Path You Follow, We Can Help You Find Your Way"

Located in Tarpon Springs Florida, Temple Mound Spiritual Wellness Center is a non-denominational, “Not for Profit”, Florida corporation, that offers spiritual support and services, to those in the community who seek help and guidance, along their life’s path. They do so in order to encourage an enlightened society, that strives to live their lives from the Heart.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Temple Mound Spiritual Wellness Center is to provide spiritual and educational support, guidance, and counseling, to the local community and general public, relating to spiritual growth and personal expansion. Temple Mound Spiritual Wellness Center fosters the individual’s transcendence to a higher energy state by working within the clients own belief system, using a variety of modalities and disciplines that embrace a multitude of beliefs and religious concepts. They strive to make those aware, that all information obtained from outside sources, is contaminated with the beliefs of others, and all answers can be found within, and everyone has the ability to retrieve this information themselves. At no time, shall anyone seeking knowledge, guidance, or advice ever be turned away for lack of ability to pay, and those without a financial method of payment shall be allowed the use of any fair and equitable energy exchange.

Your Help
If you would like to help us in providing a spiritual boost to the community, you may make a donation to our General Fund or you may wish to donate specifically to one of our many ongoing projects.

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