Partnered Exploration
A Two Day Exploration with
Bruce Moen as your Guide

Author of Journeys Into The Unknown


Friday, February 14, 2014
5:00 p.m.– 8:00 p.m.
Saturday-Sunday, February 15-16

Temple Mound Spiritual Wellness Center is again excited to be able to offer this second in the series of workshops by internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and former Monroe Institute alumni, Bruce Moen.
In this Afterlife Soul Retrieval workshop, co-facilitated by Steve DerDerian, you will learn the process of partnered exploration, where two or more people agree to explore the Afterlife as a group. Partnered exploration is the ability of partners to meet nonphysically in the realm of the Afterlife, at a designated meeting place created specifically for this type of group interaction. Once the group has reconvened in the astral realm they will begin a joint retrieval experience, as if they where in the same physical place together.
The journeys are typically guided by a Helper who will assist in the process, answer questions and direct your navigation through the Afterworld. After returning from the experience each partner will be given the opportunity to compare their version of the experience with the other explorers. Once this process is learned partners may be thousands of miles apart, when conducting these explorations.

Participants will need to bring a photograph of a deceased friend or loved one, sealed in an envelope, with the name of that person written on the outside of the envelope. These sealed envelopes will be used in one of the Partnered Exploration Workshop exercises.

NOTE: Attendance in Exploring the Afterlife Workshop I is a prerequisite for participation in the Partnered Exploring workshop.

Some Workshop Topics include:

-A brief review of key parts of the previous workshop.
-Why and when to use partnered exploration.
-How to set up your partnered exploring sessions.
-Selecting exploration topics.
-Finding and using the Meeting Place.
-Energy gathering at the Crystal.
-How to document your experience.
-Different kinds of hits: stretch, little, big & WOW.
-How to compare notes and find hits.
-The "Slow 360 Spin" navigational technique.
-Partnered retrievals.
-Partnered visits with the deceased.
-Exploring the Happiness Center found in the Afterworld.

Workshop Includes:

-2 and a half days guided by Bruce Moen
-Hors d oeuvres Friday night with Bruce
-All course material
-Snacks, desserts and beverages throughout the day
-Hors ‘d oeuvres with Bruce Friday evening.
-Light and healthy lunch on Saturday and Sunday.
-20% off retail price on all Hemi-Sync CDs
-Bruce’s books available for autograph and sale.

Workshop Tuition $272


Refunds will be available for cancellations made at least 10 days prior to the event.

Limited lodging is available in themed bed and breakfast rooms on a first come/first serve basis. You may view the rooms HERE.

For more information and rates, or you may CONTACT US, or call Temple Mound Spiritual Wellness Center at 727-942-1051

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