Afterlife Soul Retrieval
A Two Day Exploration with
Bruce Moen as your Guide

Author of Journeys Into The Unknown


Friday, January 31, 2014
6:30 p.m.– 9:00 p.m.
Saturday-Sunday, February 1-2

Class Fee: $272.00

Temple Mound Spiritual Wellness Center is excited to be able to offer this one of a kind workshop with internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and former Monroe Institute alumni, Bruce Moen.

Explore the Park and Focus 27 as described by Bob Monroe in his Book Journeys Out Of Body and as Seen on the recent Biography Channel episodes of Unexplained: Journey of the Lost

This special 3 day workshop with Bruce Moen, will take you to the afterlife and back at your will. You will be introduced to a technique developed by Bruce to take you into a realm rarely just visited. You will have the opportunity to seek deceased loved ones, find previous versions of your self and perform service, in the form of helping stuck souls move on. You will be taught methods of bringing back verifiable information that will affirm that your trip to the other side, and contact with the deceased did indeed happen

The workshop teaches the Art of Retrieval as a means of learning to make contact and communicate with those “living” in the Afterlife. You'll learn to make contact with nonphysical Helpers, you might call them guides, angels, or some other name. You'll learn how to work with Helpers to perform retrieval of those who get stuck after death. In your interactions with Helpers and those who are stuck you will begin to learn, firsthand, more about the structure, and inner workings of human afterlife existence. Continuing to work with Helpers, you'll also learn how to explore and map the vast areas of our afterlife, and use what you learn to explore any reality or dimension that exists beyond our physical world.

Bruce’s workshops are quite successful with over 90% of the participants bringing back verifiable information from the other side.

Some Workshop Topics:

How to explore nonphysical realities including the afterlife
Imagination as a means of perception
The role of pretending and fantasy in real perception
Am I making it all up? How to tell if it's real
The Interpreter & Perceiver, the Balance leading to perception and memory
Affirmations & Placing Intent
What to do about doubt
The role of Beliefs, Doubt & Identity in perception
Changing and replacing perception-blocking beliefs
Methods of exploration: Dreams, OBE & Focused Attention
A map of afterlife consciousness
Retrieval, what it is and why it's sometimes necessary
Helpers, who they are and how to contact them
How contact and gather verifiable information from specific deceased individuals
Guidelines for the Novice Ghostbuster
The role of Pure Unconditional Love in expanding awareness
Curiosity, coincide

Workshop Includes:
2 and a half days guided by Bruce Moen
All course material
Snacks, desserts and beverages throughout the day
Hors ‘d oeuvres with Bruce Friday evening.
Light and healthy lunch on Saturday and Sunday.
20% off all Hemi-Sync CDs
Bruce’s books available for autograph and sale.

Workshop Tuition $272

Space is limited for this popular workshop so be sure to register early

Deposit Only $100

Refunds will be available for cancellations made at least 10 days prior to the event.

Lodging is available in themed bed and breakfast rooms. You may view the rooms HERE.

For more information and rates, or you may CONTACT US, or call Temple Mound Spiritual Wellness Center at 727-942-1051

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